6 Tips to Creating Amazing Property Videos

It’s common knowledge that Google is the world’s largest search engine. But take a guess as to what the 2nd largest is…

  • Yahoo? Not since October 2008.
  • Ask.com? Not since Jeeves was given the pink slip.
  • Bing? Nope. Even Microsoft’s marketing muscle can’t break past #3
  • Facebook? Zuckerberg’s working on it, I’m sure… but not yet.

At an astounding 2 billion views every day, YouTube is the #2 largest search engine in the world. There are some more impressive statistics that could easily be rattled off (24 hours of video uploaded every 24 seconds, average person spends 15 minutes on YouTube a day, etc.), but what’s most important is this: People are no longer using YouTube and other video websites only for seeing cats on skateboards¹.

They’re using it as another search and information gathering venue, one which offers some amazing opportunities for home owners and sellers. Here’s how to make the best video you can:

Tip #1: Keep it Short & Sweet

If Titanic was shot for YouTube, the ship would have been sunk, the jewel found and Leo off that door in 8 minutes flat. For your purposes, 3-5 minutes is the maximum length you should take to grab the viewer’s attention and finish before he or she moves on.

Audience Retention on an 8 minute video

This shows audience retention through the length of a video – Brevity is Essential

Tip #2: Shoot in High Definition

Your iPhone records in HD. At this point, if any video is less than 720p resolution, you must be doing it out of spite. And with videos being watched on TV sets and devices with higher and higher resolutions, Standard Definition just doesn’t cut it.

Tip #3: Craft a Spectacular Soundtrack

Audio in movies is everything. Can you imagine how different Star Wars would be without John Williams’ amazing score? The same hold true for online video. Chose background music that is engaging but not distracting, and if voiceover is necessary make sure it’s clear, well enunciated and informative.

Amazing use of Sound & Editing to create pacing

Tip #4: Smooth and Steady Shooting

Let’s be blunt – no one likes “shaky cam.” If you’re shooting your own footage, take steps to reduce vibrations by purchasing inexpensive add-on equipment. Post-production digital stabilization can be useful as well, but only sparingly. Otherwise, consider having your video professionally shot.

Tip #5: No Shameful Slideshows

Avoid the use of still images in your video. Unless you’re doing something wholly unique or it is reliant on archival photography, using still images in your video just screams “I made this in iMovie 18 minutes ago!

“A pictures worth a thousand words” Not anymore.

Tip #6: No-Go for Logo

Fundamentally, your video is a means to sell a product. But online, the product is secondary to the content itself. Let your imagery and the quality of the video do the work and save your logo or contact information for the end. If you hold the user’s interest instead of forcing branding right away, they’re more likely to come around at the end.

For your daily dose of video inspiration, subscribe to the Sotheby’s International Realty® YouTube channel.

¹Dogs are better anyway.

One thought on “6 Tips to Creating Amazing Property Videos

  1. I have been inspired several times to go out and make this happen with my listings, but I am yet to make a video that is worth uploading to YouTube. Maybe one day I will dive into video. Thanks for the inspiration.

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