5 Tips for Taking Great Real Estate Photos

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 88% of home buyers used the Internet in their home search, which means online property listing photos are just as important to selling a home as curb appeal.

Taking great real estate photos is not just about snapping a few good pictures; it’s about telling the story of a property through purposeful photography.  Here are 5 tips to taking great real estate photos:

Tip #1: Make the First Impression Count
The first listing photo may be your only opportunity to grab the attention of the buyer. Choose an outstanding selling point of the property; it can be the amazing view, updated kitchen or luxurious master suite.

Buckhorn Ranch in Joseph, Oregon leads with a rustic welcome.

As you can see, the feature photo does not have to be the exterior of the home. Unique features and remodeled spaces should be flaunted.

Tip #2: Pay Attention to Details
Ensure surfaces are as tidy as possible; tuck away food boxes, toiletries and stacks of mail. Pull the garbage cans into the garage, park the car in the driveway and roll the basketball hoop out of sight – whatever the focus of your photo attend to the details and make sure the tidiness abounds.

Immaculate gourmet kitchen in Palm Beach, Florida is tidy and clean.

Tip #3: Get Some Perspective
Try snapping images from unusual perspectives like standing on a chair and pointing the camera down onto the room. Give a sense of layout and space by photographing a room from a vantage point which allows for the most expansive view. Think Art – frame a photo in what seems to be the most traditional method, then think of how you could make it more artistic. Maybe it is just a matter of zooming in tight on a beautiful fixture or detail.

Spiral staircase in the Cayman Islands.

Tip #4: Imply Use
For bathrooms in particular, providing a glimpse or impression of the space is best. Please, no close ups for the commode! There is no need ….everyone knows it’s there. A home buyer wants to see the layout and upgrades; not a lot of personal items which clutter the space. If the bathroom is out of date, it may be best to skip photographing it altogether. And please be careful not to get caught in the mirror.

Unique elements in this Dallas, Texas bathroom are cleverly featured.

Tip #5: Show What’s Special
If there are obvious special elements about the property it is crucial to show them now. Whether it’s the view from the kitchen table into the garden, a basement that has been finished into an amazing play space or an inviting flowered terrace – show those gems to inspire a potential home buyer to action.

Unique Italian property includes Capri’s former Astronomical Observatory.

The end of your property’s story should be every bit as wonderful as the beginning. Strive for immaculate photos from beginning to end. Before taking a photo always consider composition and take a moment to frame your focal point. Ensure your photos are large, high resolution images. A 5 -8 megapixel camera can generally do a good job; just take care to adjust the settings for maximum quality. Remember to check and see how the finished product appears online .

One thought on “5 Tips for Taking Great Real Estate Photos

  1. This is so true, nice post! Some people just don’t realize the importance of getting really good photos of the property. Great tips on getting the perfect shots and telling a story…thank you!

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