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Lake Conroe Real Estate – a featured Sotheby’s realty community. Learn more about the various lake conroe real estate opportunities currently available.

Lake Conroe has become a very popular place to live in the last few years. People have been buying homes here at a quick pace and there seems to be no chance for this trend to reverse anytime soon. Because of this, you can find many beautiful neighborhoods around Lake Conroe. Fishing and boating take place on a regular basis at this scenic lake. There are also numerous restaurants, eateries and shopping malls to be found here. Because of all these advantages, Lake Conroe Texas communities have become a favorite spot for full time residency as well weekend vacations.

Lake Conroe Property

There are a number of beautiful neighborhoods to choose from here. These include the waterfront properties overlooking the lake, as well as more affordable interior communities. Since there are so many options available, it creates a good range of prices. This flexibility is important as anyone with a decent budget can afford a home in one of Lake Conroe’s beautiful communities. Here is a look at some of the popular neighborhoods here:

  1. April Sound:

This is a beautiful private waterfront golf community situated on Lake Conroe. The 27 hole-golf course present here provides a perfect leisure spot. You could buy a town home here, or even go in for a weekend getaway. The location is also ideal as it is 45 minutes from Houston and just 20 minutes north of The Woodlands. April Sound has all the modern amenities you will require including swimming pools, club houses, gyms and a conference center.

April Sound

  1. Walden:

Walden was one of the first communities built here and is ideal for those who want to enjoy the quiet scenic beauty of Lake Conroe. You will find a wide variety of residences here including single-family homes, condos and larger villas. Restaurants, swimming pools, gyms and all other facilities are also available to the residents here. Homes here come in a wide variety of price ranges and you should have no problem picking one to suit your budget.


  1. Bentwater:

This is one of the popular waterfront communities found around Lake Conroe. Over 1,400 acres in size and with a 12-mile shoreline, it is a favorite spot for those looking for stylish new home. You will find golf courses, yacht clubs, swimming pools, spas, and many other luxury amenities here. Getting a home here provides you with one of the best addresses in Lake Conroe.


  1. Grand Harbor:

Grand Harbor is one of the more modern and stylish private waterfront communities here. Since it was constructed only quite recently, it boasts a number of modern design and amenities. This gated community has security around the clock to provide the best safety for residents. You will also find volleyball courts, spas, swimming pools, parks and open spaces here. It also provides for easy access to the Lake Conroe shore.

Grand Harbor

If you are looking to buy or sell a property in Lake Conroe, it is best done with the help of experienced real estate agents. When it comes to Lake Conroe Texas communities, one of the most sought after agents in Lake Conroe is Patti Shannon of She will be able to get you the best deals on homes here. Be sure to check out her website to find out more about the services offered.

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Patti Shannon Properties
2117 Cresent Mill Ln
Conroe, Texas 77304
(936) 588-4099


Lake Conroe Homes for Sale

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If you are looking for Lake Conroe Homes for Sale look no further than Patti Shannon from Sotheby’s Realty Lake Conroe, your ultimate Real Estate Agent. Considering that a Real Estate agent plays a vital role during real estate transactions, you certainly wouldn’t want to land in the hands of an unscrupulous one who will fleece you of your cash. You should, therefore, opt for the reliable, honest and trustworthy Patti Shannon from lake conroe real estate.

Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe Texas – Photographs, Resources and More

Reasons why you should choose Patti Real Estate Agent

Patti Shannon is passionate about real Estate. Considering that this is a hard business, requiring paying attention to detail and a great commitment to customer service, passion goes a long way in ensuring that an agency takes care of the interest of its clients. Being a dedicated agent, Patti Shannon possesses the following attributes:

Honest and Credibility

Unlike your ordinary agent, Patti Shannon will not try to push you towards a very expensive purchase, in the case of a buyer or cheap sale, in the case of a seller. Instead, they explain to you every detail before allowing you sufficient time to decide. The agency uses its experience to make you feel comfortable. Patti Shannon’s personnel will always tell you like it is, even when it is not pleasant to hear. They lay out to you what you should expect, right from sale price to timing. In the end, their credibility and honesty will save you lots of worry.

Utilize the latest technology

Patti Shannon utilizes state-of-the-minute technology in all its dealings. Consequently, they are able to do everything from any locality. With wonderful data plans ensuring that there are no issues concerning internet connection, Patti Shannon has gone paperless in virtually every aspect. Technology allows the staff to also read a lot of information on Real Estate industry, including the general trends around technology. This goes a long way in ensuring that you are enlightened on the very many options available in the market. They are also very organized and always have their act together.

A deep understanding of locality

If you desire to engage a real estate agent who appreciates and uses the nuances making Lake Conroe Texas’ housing market as well as pricing plan unique, then Patti Shannon is your ideal agent. Its success resulted from developing and identifying a focus in the local real estate industry effectively enabling the agency to distinguish itself from its competitors. Do not waste your time with agents who do not have past sales experience. Such agents are in many ways beginners. Exercise your right to always pick a winner. You definitely need an agent who knows everything about the schools, restaurants, safety as well as the secret gems Lake Conroe has. That agent is none other than Patti Shannon.

Lake Conroe TX Homes

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Are you looking for Lake Conroe Homes for Sale? You need a good real estate agent to guide you through your entire process essentially helping you save a lot of money. Patti Shannon is one such agent. With the above mentioned qualities among many more, rest assured the agent will ensure your transaction will go on smoothly. The real estate agent has everything it takes to give you service of a lifetime.

Lake Conroe Tourist Attractions

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Lake Conroe is an 85 kilometers squared (21,000acres) lake located in Montgomery County in Texas, USA. It lies on the West Fork of San Jacinto River, west of Interstate 45 State Highway 45 in Walker and Montgomery counties. In 1970, it was conceived as an alternate supply of water for the residents of Houston City. Celebrities who have homes in Lake Conroe area include Bill Ford, Colin Edwards II, and Aaron Gray. The lake is popularly known for its numerous tourist attractions sites.

Lake Conroe Texas

If you are looking for a boating lake, the Lake Conroe is the place to be. You can do so much with your loved ones and friends in the lake. Water skiing, jet skiing, sailing, and windsurfing are quite popular with the local tourists and international tourists as well. You can do it all on this great lake. Many residents around the Houston area visit the lake during the weekends to have a great time with their families.

Lake Conroe is home to several species of fish that include Bluegill, Largemouth, White Bass, Crappie and Striped-Hybrid Bass. Indulge yourself in the fishing of these types of fish. The Texas Parks and Wildlife say that the most sought after fish is the Largemouth Bass although it is not the most abundant. The most plentiful species is the Bluegill fish.

There are various hiking trails close to the lake that include Stubble Lake Trail, the closest to the lake, Red Loop I and Huntsville State Park Trail. These trails are popular with the tourists as the visitors and local tourists get to reconnect with nature. Stretch your muscles and take a break from a sedentary lifestyle by hiking in the mentioned hiking trails. You will be marveled by what nature has to offer.

There are various parks close to this lake. One is the most popular is the Lake Conroe Park. The park features two swimming areas, children’s playground, fishing piers, volleyball courts and a pavilion. You can also get to enjoy a great scenic view of the Lake from Willis RV Park located close to the lake. The RV Park is peaceful and welcoming. The RV Park has a boat ramp on site for moving boats to and from the water. Other parks close to the lake include Montgomery Park, Lewis Park, and Candy Cane Park.

The Lake Conroe area has some of the best golf courses in the Southwest of the country. These excellent golf courses are a source of sports tourism for this area. Visit either the Walden Golf and country club or the La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa and get to enjoy golfing pleasure all year round. Wooden terrain, beautiful nature coupled with the blue waters of the lake make some of these courses the most beautiful in the world. Other golf courses close to the lake include April Sound Golf Course, Wedgewood Golf Course, and The Links at West Fork.

The Lake also features numerous restaurants such as Aprilbee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar, Bing’s Asian Bistro, Cilantro’s Mexican Grill and Chili’s Grill & Bar. Dine and enjoy the best wine from close to 25 restaurants that are on the Lake. The restaurants have an array of menus as well as exquisite décor that will ensure you have a memorable experience.

Delight in the various events and activities that this lake has to offer. You will have an unforgettable experience with you and your loved ones.

Lake Conroe Fishing

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Lake Conroe Fishing Experience

Are you a lover of quality fish especially largemouth bass? Then you should visit lake Conroe and its vicinity. The lake is located about 40 miles from Houston, in Southeast Texas. Its size is about 20,118 acres.. Anglers always come back smiling with bass fish that are as heavy as 10 pounds. The water is accessible at several points such as bank access areas, piers, boat launch sites, along the shoreline, and docks.

Lake Conroe Photograph

Bass can stay in several habitats in the lake, including standing timber, brush piles, boat docks, drop-offs and points. Early springs and late fall always find them congregating around shallow covers. You can therefore conduct your lake Conroe fishing from the comfort of the shore during these seasons, especially if you fear water depths. You can easily seize the large- mouths using top-waters, soft plastics, live bait-fish, and spinner- baits. From the shore, you can also award yourself with big spawning crappies in spring and bluegill. Although giant catfish occupy deeper water most of the time, most summer nights see them moving towards shallow waters to feed. Smelly natural baits such as cut shad or chicken livers can be suitable for catching the catfish.

Sam Houston Forest surrounds a large part of the lake on the northern part. You can access the lake via several recreation areas in the forest. If you love fishing from small crafts, you can approach Stubblefield Recreation Area in the forest where you will find a small dirt boat ramp. Scott’s Ridge Boat Ramp and Cagle Recreation Area have concrete ramps for larger boats. You can locate the areas on the western and eastern sides of the lake respectively. Your recreation activities in one of these areas will surely make your day at as little as $ 5.

You can take your Lake Conroe fishing experience a notch higher when you visit the Lake Conroe Park on the western shores. At only $2, you can access this 13-acre public park and make your way to one of the open shorelines and fishing piers. The opposite side of the lake has a free public boat ramp having docks. You can pause the fishing for a while and go swimming in the park’s beach, take a rest in one of the restrooms, or enjoy picnicking.

We have to preserve our natural resources not only for our future use but also for the next generation to continue enjoying life. That is why Texas fishing licenses and regulations are important in controlling Lake Conroe Fishing activities. The regulations helps control things such as the types, size and amount of fish caught in a particular season to avoid extinction. Most sporting goods stores and bait shops across the state can avail you with a license at a fee. You may also access the online licensing system on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) website for the license. Be sure to find a complete guide to Texas fishing limits, seasons, and other information in print form at the shops and stores , or in soft-copy on the website.

If you have not paid a visit to lake Conroe, you are missing a lot when it comes to Lake Conroe fishing experience. Those who have done so will testify that the experience is a breath taking one.


Lake Conroe Weather

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Lake Conroe is located in Montgomery County in Texas. The lake has various tourist attractions that draw thousands of people every year. Some of the tourist attractions include fishing, hiking, jet skiing, windsurfing, and sailing. There are also numerous restaurants with an array of menus that offer an unforgettable dining experience. However, the weather is one of the key reasons which makes the whole experience so enjoyable. Whether you want to purchase a holiday home, or looking for a serene place to spend the winter season, you will find the weather perfect for you and your family.

Lake Conroe Weather

While temperatures during summer might reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the fall, winter and spring temperatures are unbeatable. Although some parts of the country might be reaching lows of up to one degree or even lower, the inhabitants of Lake Conroe often enjoy sunny days coupled with mild temperatures.

The great weather combined with lush and serene surroundings guarantees local and foreign tourists a memorable experience. The lake experiences warm winters and sunny climates ensuring the locals and visitors enjoy the various recreation activities the lake has to offer all year round. You will enjoy a recreation utopia that includes water sports, tennis, jogging and golfing.

Historically, the lake’s day temperatures average a high 78 degrees, with 57 degrees being the lowest. The warmest months are June through to August with temperatures ranging from 93 degrees for the highest and 72 degrees for the lowest. The warmest month in Lake Conroe is July. Temperatures reach a high of 92 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and a low of 72 degrees at night. The average daily relative humidity for the month of July is 74%. Rain is minimal with the area experiencing light rains in 7 to 9 days of the month averaging 3 inches or 76mm.

Winters are mild in December through to January with the temperatures averaging highs of 62 with lows of 42. The coolest month is January where day temperatures average a high of 64 degrees during the day and a low of 43 degrees during the night. Average daily humidity for the month is approximately 72%.

The area averages 50 inches of rainfall per year with October being the rainiest month. Throughout October, temperatures reach highs of 81 degrees and at night they average 58 degrees. Expect rains of up to 6 inches or 158mm.

April experiences the least amount of rain throughout the year. Light showers are on 6 to 7 days of the month. Day temperatures average 80 and at night they drop to 58 degrees. The average precipitation for the month is approximately 2 inches or 52mm. Light showers fall on 7 days of the month.

The area also records good average wind speeds throughout the year. January through to April record wind speeds of approximately 11 km/h with May and December averaging 10 km/h. June averages 8 km/h, November 9km/h and July through to October experiencing wind speeds of around 7km/h.

January being the coolest month corresponds with some of the largest bass catches that fishermen at the lake record all year. Get your fishing equipment and have a great fishing experience at Lake Conroe. The temperate climate in Lake Conroe and the surrounding areas will make sure you will enjoy the various outdoor and recreational activities that the lake offers all year round.