Bluehost vs GreenGeeks

Many companies today need to find the best quality web hosting. If you’re looking for premium pricing, affordability, storage, and bandwidth, as well as ideal customer support, you might have heard of Green Geeks. This company has recently come onto the scene as one of the most affordable options for new and experienced website owners alike. One of their prime competitors, Bluehost, is another option that customers consider when choosing a web host. In our review of GreenGeeks vs Bluehost, we’ll discuss the main features, benefits, and pricing of both companies.



GreenGeeks offers a number of excellent features. One is shared hosting offering unlimited bandwidth and space, as well as reseller hosting to provide serious entrepreneurs and site owners with a number of services that allow you to build your site and scale as your business grows. Their unique web host manager platform, as well as the VPS control panel, allows you to begin a site, restart, reinstall, or start however you’d like.

In addition, GreenGeeks provides 99.9% uptime, and in our test, we found they held true to that promise. Their servers are 100% green and eco-friendly, using unique energy efficient procedures and high end equipment. Their servers are built on dual quad core Xeon technology, featuring Raid 10 SSD arrays and DDR3 ram, as well as gigabit connectivity.

Green Technology for Webhosts

One of GreenGeeks’ primary selling points is their green technology leadership. As part of the industry’s top green initiative promoters, they’ve set up their servers in such a way as to use natural sources of energy with wind energy credits. They use 300% wind energy, where most companies only use a limited amount, leaving a greater carbon footprint.

Bluehost, by contrast, offers more limited features. They have not managed to catch up to GreenGeeks in terms of VPS technology or green technology, making them an overall weaker choice.

GreenGeeks has also made it onto the Inc 500 list, the PC World featured companies issue, and the Better Business Bureau’s accredited companies list.

Pricing and Affordability

You’ll get an extremely good hosting platform for less than $6 per month, with their initial plan being just $4 per month. You’ll also be reducing your impact on the environment by using waste reduction, energy efficiency, and green initiatives.

Money back guarantees are offered by both companies, where you can receive a 30 day guarantee for GreenGeeks, and Bluehost is offering a similar refund policy. However, pricing-wise, GreenGeeks still wins out, offering the cheapest hosting available.

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Customer Service

GreenGeeks offers some of the best customer service available. Their technicians are located entirely within the US, and they are both knowledgable and helpful. They will help you regardless of your level of tech knowledge, accommodating those who are newbies or extremely tech savvy.

They will support you through chat, email, or phone support, being available through all hours of the day.

Bluehost also offers 24/7 support through phone and email, though they are slightly less responsive on the whole.

Other Features

GreenGeeks includes unrestricted FTP access, multiple email accounts, and spam + virus protection that is of the highest caliber available. They also include the latest support for web languages such as PHP, CGI, MySQL, and SSL. Bluehost supports Python, PHP, and CGI, but is still in the process of implementing support for other web languages that may be more advanced.

Web Language Support

It’s critical to choose a web host that does support these languages, as MySQL is one of the premium database languages in use at the moment. CGI is another important part of communicating with the server, allowing you to create pages that are completely dynamic and communicate with scripts. You’ll also need SSL support to encrypt all communication between server and browser, and improve your reputation and overall appearance to customers visiting your site.

While GreenGeeks offers all of the above as part of their standard package, Bluehost only offers SSL support for an additional fee.


GreenGeeks is definitely the winner in our contest of these two hosting companies. You will receive the best customer support, tech service, help in setting up your site, and features for the price you pay — which is quite minimal. Their affordability makes them one of the best green hosting companies for newer and more established website owners. Bluehost is getting there, but they don’t have the same level of customer support, reliability, and uptime that GreenGeeks has worked so relentlessly to establish.
For this reason, GreenGeeks remains our #1 choice. Rated 5/5 stars.